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um, I think those 'shrooms were laced with acid

This may only be funny to people on mind-altering hallucinogens, Zachary Quinto at 3am, and me, but:

You know what's great about shiny, shiny ST:R fandom? Unlike SPN, where I feel this irresistible compulsion to write and vid and read every single thing and basically devote my entire soul to Sam and Dean and their service, with Star Trek I can just hang out and poke around and read some stuff and enjoy all 8122 various possible pairings and RELAX. It's kinda nice!

(For about 3 minutes at a time. *goes back to vidding SPN S4*)


ETA: I suggest you check out this Vulcan!Sam Winchester by nomelon and then feel inspired to write me some Winchester pon farr.

Estranged Son of ETA who develops faulty world-building technology and is later killed by Klingons: prompts are open for claiming at soblazn_chekov so feel inspired to write/draw me some yummy Chekov porn.
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